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Opinion 2014

The Centre for ASEAN Studies posts on its Website opinions related to ASEAN by persons affiliated with ISEAS or its Centre for ASEAN Studies and also by others. The opinions expressed are their own and not necessarily those of ISEAS or the Centre.



Date: 03 February 2014

Let’s be honest about what ASEAN can and cannot do

"ASEAN is still far from being economically integrated as a region. And there is little prospect that it will be fully integrated, as envisioned, in the near future, much less by 2015. But whether or not the AEC is achieved by 2015 should not be held against the literal rendering of the specific measures to realise ASEAN economic integration, as provided for in the Strategic Schedule appended to the AEC Blueprint. Rather, the plan to realise the AEC by 2015 should be looked at as a re-affirmation of the ASEAN leaders’ aspiration for, and commitment to, efficiency in trading, market openness and links with the international community. The year 2015 should be considered not as a hard-and-fast target, in which ASEAN, its objectives and the way it conducts business are suddenly transformed. Rather, it should be regarded as a benchmark to help measure ASEAN’s progress toward regional economic integration." 
Mr Rodolfo C Severino, Head, ASEAN Studies Centre

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Date: 27 January 2014

How much can ASEAN do for a South China Sea code of conduct?

"...those who expect the ASEAN–China discussions to result in some kind of breakthrough that will lead quickly to a resolution are bound to be disappointed. There are several reasons for this, all having to do with fundamental differences between China and ASEAN on a variety of issues pertaining to a proposed CoC for the South China Sea."The Head of the ASC, Rodolfo Severino, shared with the East Asia Forum, how much ASEAN can do to push for the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea

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Date: 21 January 2014

[ISEAS Perspective] Is APEC's Relevance Fading?

APEC faces a number of challenges internally such as slow progress towards regional integration and externally from other regional bodies. Is APEC fading in relevance? What are some of the challenges the body needs to address?

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Date: 20 January 2014

Myanmar in the ASEAN Chair Challenges and opportunities

Professor Robert Taylor, a Fellow at ISEAS shares shares his take on the challenges and opprtunities Myanmar faces as it chairs ASEAN this year. Click to read the full article from Mizzima.


Date: 05 January 2014

ASEAN: Look Beyond 2015

Mr Rodolfo C Severino, Head, ASEAN Studies Centre shared with The Straits Times and Asia One on his views of the ASEAN Economic Community. Perhaps 2015 should be seen not as a goal in itself but as milestone for something bigger? 

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