The Centre organises seminars, workshops, conferences and forums to discuss and analyse situations and trends in ASEAN cooperation, and provide policy recommendations.

These recommendations are usually issued in the form of monographs or reports for the use of the ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN member states, as well as business communities, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions, the media and the general public.

The Centre also participates and/or contributes at events that discuss or are related to ASEAN cooperation. Through their attendance at such events held in Singapore and elsewhere, the Centre Head and researchers project ASEAN realities and form networks with colleagues from all over the world and with the media.

Train the Trainers Course on the ASEAN Charter

Train the Trainers Course on the ASEAN Charter

Third Course:  20-23 September 2011
Venue: ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta

With the ASEAN Charter's entry into force on 15 December 2008, ASEAN Member States are discussing various aspects of implementing the Charter provisions. Several implementation issues have emerged as members strive to understand, share and promote the Charter among various stakeholders in the regional and in their respective national contexts. To assist ASEAN officials and ASEAN Secretariat officers conduct the debate on the Charter's implementation, the ASEAN Studies Centre took on the challenge of developing and conducting a train-the-trainers course on the key provisions of the Charter.


The course focused on helping the officials understand the implications of the Charter; how its implementation is in both regional and domestic interests in ASEAN; and the impact of the Charter's implementation on regional and national cooperation. Issues taken up in the training include: the legal personality conferred by the Charter, particularly its nature, meaning and implications; and practical issues of implementing and/or complying with Charter provisions.


These included domestic legislation and other follow-up measures necessary to comply with the Charter, especially with regard to privileges and immunities of ASEAN officials, dispute settlement, structures and mechanisms for regional cooperation as well as external relations, and the roles and responsibilities of the various ASEAN organs. The inaugural training took place at the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta on 17-20 November 2009, with support from the Japan-Singapore Partnership Programme for the 21st Century (JSPP21). Centre Head Rodolfo Severino led the core training team, comprising Lead Researchers S Tiwari (who passed away on 26 July 2010) and Moe Thuzar.


30 officers from the ASEAN Secretariat and 8 ASEAN member states attended the training, which also featured interactive sessions with high-level officials involved in the Charter process, as well as senior ASEAN Secretariat officials. In response to positive feedback received from training participants, the Centre conducted a second course on 24-27 August 2010, also at the ASEAN Secretariat. A total of 36 officers participated: 13 from the ASEAN Secretariat and the rest from the ten ASEAN Member States.